All trainings by Bolt IoT

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Get a combo of all the trainings by Bolt IoT at a highly discounted price.

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Trainings included are:

  1. Internet of Things and Machine Learning with the kit
  2. Robotics and Arduino Training  with the kit
  3. Web Development Training 
  4. Artificial Intelligence Training
  5. Augmented Reality Training
  6. Placement Preparation Training

Learn to build projects from scratch.

Training fee includes:

A. Lifetime access to the content. You will get a free upgrade to the content in future.

B. Hardware Kit:
The training fee includes a hardware kit worth Rs.7,500/- which will be shipped to your address.

The kit comes with a 1-year replacement warranty on all the items included. 

C. Certificate upon completion of the training: You will be issued an individual certificate upon completion of each training mentioned above.

D. Support over forum and E-Mail in case you are stuck at any point or need more explanation.

E. Get a 100% 'no questions asked' refund if you are not happy with the training or the kit for up to 10 days from delivery of the kit.