Robotics & Arduino Training

This online video training is excellent for students who are looking to do a training/internship of 6-month duration. It teaches you to build projects from the basics.

The training makes you job hiring ready since it teaches fundamentals of robotics and offers you certificate upon completion.

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Self-paced online training with recorded videos. Learn at any time. No deadline. Lifetime access.

What will you learn in the training?

1. Hardware Design: Will include designing an electronic circuit of the robots and building the mechanical body of the robots.

2. Software Programming: Students will work on Herbert software to learn about algorithms. They will also code robots in embedded C for controlling the motion of the robot and thus learn robot programming in detail.

3. The training fee includes an extensive robotics kit. It consists of all the Micro-Controllers, sensors, WiFi module, motors, chassis and all other components required to build 8 different robots taught as part of the training.

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  • Obstacle avoiding robot

    Robot that can detect walls and other obstacles and stop or take a turn to avoid them.

  • Hand following dog robot

    An intelligent robotic dog puppy that follows you wherever you go.

  • Light following insect robot

    An intelligent insect robot that goes in the direction of light. 

  • Plant Monitoring robot

    A robot that monitors the sunlight received by your plants and alerts you when required.

  • Mobile controlled robot

    Why race imaginary cars in games when you can build your own robot car and control it over smartphone.

  • Voice command robot

    Build a smart robot that you can talk to using Google Home or Alexa. "Robot fetch me the news paper."

  • E-mail talking robot

    Communicate with your Robot over email. Send an email instructing the robot to do a task and robot will email back once its complete.

  • Facebook connected robot

    Build a robot that posts a Facebook status based on how it feels or the status of the task it is working on.

What is included

  • Hardware kit

    Robotic kit worth Rs.7,500/- that has all the hardware components to build the robots mentioned above. It will be couriered to your address.

  • Certificate

    All students are awarded a certificate upon completion of the training.

  • Support to resolve queries

    In case you are stuck at any point, we offer support via Live Chat and E-Mail & if required, also via phone call.

  • Lifetime access

    Lifetime access to the training. Start now or anytime you wish. You can also take a break during exams. Learn as per students convenience.


What does the Robotic hardware kit contain?

The training fee includes an extensive Robotic hardware kit which consists of:

1. WiFi-enabled Bolt Micro-Controller module
2. Boltduino Micro-Controller module with Arduino IDE.
3. Bolt Smartphone App
4. Bolt Cloud
5. Obstacle sensor (TSOP)
6. Temperature Sensor (LM35)
7. Light sensor (LDR)
8. Push Button Switch
9. Potentiometer
10. LEDs
11. Buzzer
12. Resistors
13. Breadboard
14. Powder Coated Metal Chassis
15. Metallic Motors of 100 RPM X 2
16. Wheels X 2
17. Caster Wheel
18. USB Cable
19. 12V Power Adaptor
20. Power extension cable
21. Assorted Connecting Wires
22. Assorted toolset for assembly like screws, nuts, screwdriver, spanner, tapes etc.

The kit comes with a 1-year replacement warranty on all the items included.

We generally deliver the kit in 2-7 days via Courier. Kit delivery time varies depending on which zone you are in, so we cannot predict the exact delivery date.

What if the students have exams now? How will they attend the training?

Don't worry, the students have full freedom on when they choose to attend the training. They may start the training after exams or right away based on their preference. They can even take a break for few days during the training and continue it after the break. They have life time access to the training and support.

What is the duration of the training?

If they spend 1 hour each day on the training then we expect them to complete it in 4 months time.

However, there is no deadline to finish the training. It is self-paced and they can complete it as per their convenience. They will have lifetime access to the content.

Is the certificate included?

Yes. All the students who purchase the training are awarded a certificate upon completion of the training.

How do you solve my doubts and queries?

We offer support over an online forum as well as over E-Mail. In case required, we also answer queries over phone or video call.

Who can join? What are the prerequisites?

Should be an Engineering Student.

Should have basic knowledge of science and math.

Most importantly should have passion for technology, willingness to learn and an inquisitive mind.

May I know more about the company and the trainers?

Bolt IoT is a company which has its office in Bengaluru. It's flagship product is the Bolt IoT and ML Platform. Bolt is a fully integrated IoT platform for developers that helps them build IoT projects and products quickly and easily.
Bolt has users across 62 different countries with more than 40,000 units of the hardware module shipped.

You will be trained by mentors who have more than 8 years of experience each in the IoT Industry. They were showcased at Silicon Valley, USA during the visit of Prime Minister Modi in 2015 for their innovation and patented technology.

The Bolt IoT product has has been featured by Raspberry Pi foundation itself as the best maker hardware in the world.

When will the training start?

The kit will be delivered to you within two weeks from the date of registration. The training access will be shared with you within 30 minutes from the registration.

Got a question?

E-Mail: or WhatsApp: (+91)9309051639

Easy Refund | 1 Year Warranty
Rs 25000/- Rs 7500/-
Easy Refund | 1 Year Warranty
Rs 25000/- Rs 7500/-