Web Development Training

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Why learn Web Development?
  1. Makes you job hiring ready
  2. HTML, CSS and Javascript are the building blocks to learn how the web works
  3. There is an ever-increasing demand for web developers and businesses are always on the lookout for good web developers
  4. You can work remotely as a freelancer and earn
  5. Also, you are contributing something to other people’s lives while enjoying the thrill of coding. For eg. Helping doctors access patient data easily
What is included?
  1. Learn to build hands-on projects
  2. Earn a certificate upon completion of the training
  3. During the training, we will be available to solve any of your doubts or queries
  4. Lifetime access to the training content
  5. Innovative animations that make the learning process more interesting
    What projects will you build as a part of this training?
    1. Building your first web page
    2. Embedding images and adding text/background colour
    3. Creating hyperlinks to other websites or webpages you created
    4. Adding tables and lists in webpages and styling them
    5. Adding forms on your webpages
    6. Build responsive webpages(work on mobile/PC/Tablets)
    7. Build websites which react to user input

    Major Project: E-commerce Website using React

      What will you learn in the training?
      1. Basics of setting up the development Environment for writing code
      2. Learn HTML in depth along with the web page document structure
      3. Learn to embed images in you web pages
      4. Learn CSS and Positioning, use it to style your web page
      5. Learn JavaScript to make you webpage interactive to user responses
      6. Understand API's and build a website based on it
      7. Learn React to make interactive UI's
      8. Understanding React DOMs, elements, JSX
      9. Learn to use media queries in React, form submissions, and making API calls.
      Interactive quiz-based learning

      The training content is inclusive of interactive quizzes that will help you identify the knowledge gaps and find out what you have retained at the end of each session.