Robotics Training

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Online video workshop, specially designed for Engineering students.

Training fee includes

A. Lifetime access to the content. Students can learn as per their convenience.

B. Robotics Kit:

The training fee includes an extensive Robotic hardware kit which consists of:

1. WiFi-enabled Bolt Micro-Controller module
2. Boltduino Micro-Controller module with Arduino IDE.
3. Bolt Smartphone App
4. Bolt Cloud
5. Obstacle sensor (TSOP)
6. Temperature Sensor (LM35)
7. Light sensor (LDR)
8. Push Button Switch
9. Potentiometer
10. LEDs
11. Buzzer
12. Resistors
13. Breadboard
14. Powder Coated Metal Chassis
15. Metallic Motors of 100 RPM X 2
16. Wheels X 2
17. Caster Wheel
18. USB Cable
19. 12V Power Adaptor
20. Power extension cable
21. Assorted Connecting Wires
22. Assorted toolset for assembly like screws, nuts, screwdriver, spanner, tapes etc.

The kit comes with a 1-year replacement warranty on all the items included.

C. Certificate upon completion of the training.

D. Support over Live Chat and E-Mail in case you are stuck at any point or need more explanation.

E. Immediate access to complete syllabus of the Robotics training

F. Additional videos for career guidance and overall growth of the student.

G. Support to participate in various Robotics competitions and showcase your talent.