Augmented Reality Training

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Why learn Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality has use cases not limited to entertainment(like Pokemon Go!) but business and education as well. When elements of the virtual world collide with the real world, applications seem limitless. It can shape our experiences of the world and over time, this new technology will create an opportunity for safer training, build more reliable repositories for digital information, and turn virtual objects into the next big thing. Augmented reality devices are getting more common and accessible to users. Businesses will be majorly using Augmented Reality to promote their products as try-on filters via social media platforms like Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat.

What is included in the training?

  1. Hands-On projects are covered as part of the training.
  2. Learn from basics of Spark AR Studio - an advanced and popular augmented reality creation tool available. There are no prerequisites.
  3. Earn a certificate upon completion of the training
  4. Support and doubt clearing: During the training, we will be available to solve any of your doubts or queries
  5. Assured Internship upon completing the training. You will also get another certificate once your internship project is graded by us.
  6. Stipend: If your project is implemented in Industry then you will get a stipend of Rs.2,500/-. 

What projects will I build as a part of this training?

  1. Adding stickers/tattoo on your face with face tracking
  2. Changing the eye lens color by blinking eyes
  3. True and false game by tilting your head
  4. Building the 'Guess the emoji' filter
  5. many more...

What will I learn?

  1. How to track a user’s face in the camera feed
  2. How to use FaceTracking to anchor 2D/3D content, like face masks and image
  3. Create interactive games by using Animation Sequences
  4. How to use the Head Rotation patch to make something happen while the user’s head moves in a certain direction
  5. How to use logic blocks to control the flow of your interactive games
  6. Uploading your filter to Instagram for everyone to access