Course on 'Hacks to score more with less effort'

Do you end up endlessly scrolling on reels in the time you should be preparing for exams and then feel guilty about it?

Do you focus well just the day before the exam but cannot focus during the preparatory holiday?

Do you feel that classmates much lesser knowledgeable in the subject score more marks?

If yes then this course is for you 👉🏼

Works on Mobile. Self paced. Learn anytime on any device. In English & हिंदी .

What is included?

- Hacks on how to study smartly?

- 1 year access to the SuperCal tool which helps you with Time management for exam preparation.

- Hacks to score more marks with much lesser effort. e.g. professor recommended ways to write exam paper to score more marks

- Manage distractions and stay focused while studying. Hacks to get over distractions such as reels and other digital addictions.

Got a question?

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Easy Refund | Lifetime Access
Rs 8600/- Rs 1750/-
Easy Refund | Lifetime Access
Rs 8600/- Rs 1750/-